Series of 2 works
Animation, (4) 22" monitors, (2) custom PCs, custom housing
78" x 14" x 6"
(Poster Children) 9 minute loop, silent
(Heroes of the Revolution) 3'30", silent
Editions of 5


The Poster Children and its remix, Heroes of the Revolution are part of a series of animated paintings whose themes circulate around apocalyptic fantasies of the deluge and climate change, of water, ice, animals, and people.

Essays at The Scholar & Feminist's "Gender on Ice" conference (Barnard College, 2008):
Intro, Elena Glasberg
The Poster Children, Marina Zurkow
Un-Performing Zoƶgeopathology, Una Chaudhuri(2009)

poster installation view


heroes installation view

Installation views


The Poster Children clip

Heroes of the Revolution clip

Click HERE for single channel 3' version