"What is the heart? It is not human, and it is not imaginary."
– Rumi

Parthenogenesis is an animated, allegorical nano-opera. It tells an oblique story of love, loss and self-reconciliation by utilizing the language of international symbols, traditionally reserved for explicit instruction in the world. This pictographic language can produce multiple layers in a single iconic moment, which short-circuits the straightforward ways in which one usually narrates events.
Parthenogenesis’ protagonist, a lonely clone, must react to deeply adverse personal and external circumstances, when her manufactured mate runs off into a night stricken by disaster. How can her heartbreak generate a new perspective?
This piece was started before and finished right after 9/11. I wanted to describe an alternative approach that quietly challenged the response we witnessed from 9/11 forward. More than ever, I felt there was a clue in the expression of tender fearlessness: that to lead or act necessitates softening one's heart, letting it break, and keeping it open.

Women in the Director’s Chair
WNET's Reel New York (PBS television program)
TRANSMEDIA electronic billboard project, Toronto
Atlanta Film and Video Festival
Athens Int'l Film and Video Festival
Maryland Film Festival
ATA, San Francisco (Underground Zero screening)
Ann Arbor Film Festival (Underground Zero screening)
Best Sound, FlashForward Film Festival

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Created, Directed and Animated by Marina Zurkow
Music: Lem Jay Ignacio
A project of Creative Capital


©2002 Marina Zurkow