NeoGeo I - IV (2012)
Marina Zurkow in collaboration with Daniel Shiffman
Processing development: Dan Shiffman
Single-channel animation, color, silent
Qucktime renders of Processing sketches, custom computers, speedrail, mirror
12 minutes each
Technical Assistance: Paul Paradiso
Edition 1/5

NeoGeo I-IV is a set of four 12-minute Quicktime video captures of algorithmic, moving image work created in Processing. They visually represent the work of an oil drill as it penetrates through an infinite series of geological layers, which auto-generate continually based on pre-programmed computerized parameters. These videos are mounted and hung from the ceiling, each with a mirrored shadowbox that creates the illusion that the video image is replicated an infinite number of times.

The environment is composed of tiny bits of hand-drawn rock, created in code, and activated by rules of physics and the formation of strata; rules affect the density and behaviors of the strata, as well as the possible location of hydrocarbon particles, all of which come into contact with a drill bit. Cap rock (salt and shale) form barriers under which hydrocarbon particles accumulate. An oil “gush” occurs if conditions are right. NeoGeo visualizes the density and graphical, mutating formations of rock, as well as the liquidity of the earth over unfathomably long periods of time.


Photo: John Berens

Movie Excerpts:

Photo: John Berens