United States' Government Health and Mental Welfare Dept.
USGR #44301-42sd

Sexual Deviant, according to USGR #44301-42sd (The New Act of Moral Conduct), may be defined by, but is not restricted to, the United States Government Psychiatrist General's "Official List of Sexually Deviant Attributes and Traits," as summarized below:

1] those found to exhibit compulsive, prurient, curious or threatening behavior;
2] those who have purchased, or been found looking at, pornographic or obscene materials either via the internet, postal mail, or at shops in regulated or Black-Zone districts;
3] those reported by neighbors, co-workers or employers to show, with reasonable evidence, tendencies or actions of a molesting or aberrant nature;
4] those who have been questioned or reported by their employers regarding the papers, digital media, or 3-dimensional objects found in their work cubicles; those found or overheard by co-workers to exhibit strange behavior or emit strange sounds while in the privacy of their cubicles;
5] students over the age of 11 whose lockers or pockets have been found, through infrared and x-ray, to contain questionable materials in the form of papers, digital media, or 3-dimensional objects;
6] those found to have aberrant notions about everyday items, whether of a visual, textual or digital nature; those recently incarcerated for crimes of a sexual nature;
7] single (unmarried adult) individuals found to spend excessive time alone; those who have purchased music or soundtracks with deviant lyrics or musical content; those who have been tracked by audio-visual amplification devices and therefore have been heard humming or singing tunes that appear on the official lists of unsanctioned music and lyrical content;
8] those espied in bathrooms* outfitted with United States Government-approved surveillance systems to exhibit onanistic tendencies in semi-public** spaces ;
9]those who own too many pets;
10] those who have been observed in the vicinity of child-inhabited districts;
11] and those who have missed two appointments with or one scheduled report to their psychosexual supervisors.

* Bathrooms: these would include but are not restricted to: airports, train and bus stations, Government licensed restaurants and night club venues, Government-licensed stores including but not limited to K-Mart, Triple-X, and Tower Records.

** Semi-public: any space, whether in full view or in private cubicles, contained within public spaces, i.e. offices, transportation centers, department stores, restaurants, malls, night clubs, in moving public vehicles, or in Government subsidized housing.

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