Oceans Like Us / words+ideas


Wet synanthropes

Death of a thousand signing animals (right whale epitaphs)

People statues (Jason Decares)

Plastic pollution (see vids of people scuba diving through a plastic debris wind)

crushed ocean foods, plastics, murkiness, plankton dust

ghost nets

Whale vomiting plastic bags

plastic sex toys in fish mouths

plastic in translucent whales and fish

plastic dancing with humans

humans and plastic in deep sexual embraces


Humbacter (human bacteria hybrids)

Hydrocarbon dreaming (new hybrids and up cycled conveyances)

Broken world broken stuff

Dishes playing in the shallows (Japanese woodblock)

Gag ordered scientists

Amphibious diving vehicles for corporate use only

Dredges and diggers

The qualities of water

The ocean as a heterotopia



Sketch drawings and notes:



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