Tree of Noah
Tree of Noah, "Breeches" Bible of 1599

RENATURED is a storage tank for thinking about the relationships between earthlings and their ecologies: between human and non-human animals, and those in between.  Digging into the ways we live with nature and without it, and sampling from the  internet ecosystem.

It’s an extension of my animation and media work, which can be seen HERE.

The word “renatured” is a biology term, it means

to restore (as a denatured protein) to an original or normal condition –Merriam Webster

Given that I do not believe there’s anything to restore –  not simply that we’re too far gone – but that from everbefore, the notion of nature is constructed by humans as a set of malleable parameters. Nature can only change,  is in the process of always-becoming. The title “Renature” is akin to replay, or reset, a kind of magical thinking about winding back and repetition that is fallacious; “Renature” is set up there in its title space as a reminder (to me) to keep the networks fluid, keep asking questions, reject the compulsion for fixity, and field the mods as they come.

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