making mycelium material – some loose protocols


grain spawn (many are fast growing; Pleurotus (oyster muchroom) is probably the fastest species, and is hardy, in terms of resistance to competition, but it will depend on the density you desire). You can purchase from mycosense,, etc. I recommend mycosense because they are a small attentive company, and they are really into […]

Eureka! Mycelium

I think we found our myco pal!!!! Normal enough — when wearing plaid. Sampan Super Chai‘s new friend, Jon Salmon of Mycosense Mushrooms, a PDX-based start up and supplier of kits and spawn inoculants “with the goal of enabling individuals to grow their own choice edible mushrooms right in their own homes starting with our […]

Materials research

We are starting The Fungus Among Us, a 7 week course at ITP. One of my goals is to build a materials library to test

– species differences – color (in the substrate, after the material has grown) – sealants – pliability – thinness – carvability

using – natural dyes, – varnishes, – fibers, – […]


I’m learning how to grow mycelium materials.

First, a big shout out to Phil Ross for teaching workshops about this process, and for being a pioneer willing to share.

Here are some janky documentation images of my process (with support and help from Jon Salmon of Mycosense and Sara Huston of TLAAG). I’ll get a […]

PDX 2014 week 1 report

I’m in PDX this month in residence at an awesome tiny home, through Ann Chen’s good graces and her project NDOI (Nomadic Dept of the Interior); Ann also cofounded Phats Valley Residency in Cape Cod. This house is a handmade cabin, in the middle of NE PDX. Its chief resident is a cat named Miriam.


Sampan Super Chai PROGRESS REPORT APRIL 29, 2014

Been busy working on a few aspects of SS Chai. For one thing, with TLAAG as design partners, we have a design proposal. If anyone is interested in reading… we’ve created a long proposal as well as an “executive summary.” Here’s a really topical overview:

Sampan Super Chai is a prototype for a floating art/science […]